Bio – Charlie Ziese

Charlie Ziese

Websites:  Pyramid Science Foundation
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Facebook page: @stargatepyramids
Youtube Channel: Pyramid Science Foundation
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Charlie became interested in Russian pyramids in 2016 while watching David Wilcock’s “Wisdom Teachings” series on GAIATV. Intrigued by the extensive pyramid research compiled by Russian scientists, he set out to make pyramids for his own and others’ use. After verifying a number of the Russian Pyramid Research results, and noticing numerous personal health improvements from pyramid field exposure, Russian Geometry Pyramids became his full-time passion and pursuit.

In early 2019, he was able to ascertain the previously undisclosed Sacred Geometry of Russian pyramids. His calculations pointed to the Sacred Geometry being based on Universal Phi Scaling. He was able to confirm his research through direct measurements of photographs of the Russian pyramids, the correlation of the Russian Pyramid geometry with the Phi Scaling Angle independently developed by author and researcher Marshall Lefferts, and his discovery of the unique geometric correlations between the Giza and Russian pyramids.   Over the past five years, he has been able to locate 76.345 in the architecture of thousands of pieces of architecture from civilizations and religious traditions around the globe, with dates ranging from thousands of years ago up to the present.

He is also the Chair of the Pyramid Science Foundation, a 501 (c) (3) non-profit research corporation he created in 2020 to study the health, environmental, agricultural, and materials science benefits of Russian pyramids.

He recently published “76.345 – Russian Pyramids and the Hidden Secrets of the Golden Ratio”.  He is currently working on additional books on Russian Pyramids and Sacred Geometry.

A former Wall Street investment banker, Charlie was one of the primary architects of mortgage-backed securities in the 1970s. He received his BA and MBA degrees from Dartmouth College.