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Erin Dragonsong is a modern mystic, psychic, channeller, prophet, an author and teacher, and a pioneer in the field of evolutionary spirituality — the elevation of the Earth through each individual’s spiritual awakening — within the framework of Nature spirituality and the sacredness of being embodied.

Her goal is for everyone to enjoy the life-changing benefits of advanced spiritual development and empowerment. Her expertise is in creating down-to-Earth, do-able techniques that quickly enable you to experience the loving soul-hug of Divine Presence and skin-tingling magick, hyper-boosting your spiritual connection, and inner peace, and feeling of well-being.

Erin is the founder of Wicca Spirituality – a Nature-based path to enlightenment. Her award winning website and social media channels, and her acclaimed online Wiccan Mystery School, have helped millions of people experience an authentic life of spiritual awareness through sustainable connection with Nature and the Divine / Goddess Within. She is one of the leading Pagan teachers globally.

Erin’s Wiccan Mystery School offers transformative, elevating, healing programmes such as MiracleMagick™ for Mother Earth, Mercury Retrograde Initiation Journey, and her signature course A Year & A Day: 53 Weeks to Becoming a Wiccan – a life-transforming training in empowerment, magick, mysticism, and unity with Nature and Goddess.

Her most recent offering, Discover Your Life Purpose Through Your Soul GPS, helps people who feel the call for more fulfilment and meaning to discover their Life Mission – how to serve from their unique talents and dreams, while developing their full potential – and start living from Purpose and passion!

Jeff Daugherty (NCKaballah Radio) says of erin, “She is one of the people on the forefront of helping that [Transformation of the Earth] happen… a recognised expert internationally for offering insights and spiritual perspectives on Earth-based religion.”

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