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Gary Fong

Gary Fong is an American entrepreneur, author, former wedding photographer, film director, producer and screenwriter. 

Gary is also a 5G whistleblower with a background in x-ray technology, and pharmacology, who has been documenting the roll-out of 5G in Kelowna, BC. The meter readings he is getting are off the charts coupled with the increase of Covid-19 symptoms, drive him to take action to protect the unsuspecting public.

He is most well known for his invention, “The Gary Fong Lightsphere”, a photographic invention that has been a standard accessory for professional photographers worldwide. Widely known to be one of the world’s top photography educators, Gary is a product evangelist for Sony Mirrorless Professional Cameras.

Author of the book, “The Accidental Millionaire”, one reviewer described Fong’s business approach of “ giving up trying” as the key that caused his wealth “to grow only after he stopped focusing on a set goal for success”. Fong’s seemingly random path to a diversified portfolio of business interests came as he “cast his fate to the wind to free himself and let life lead his path”.