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Matthew James Bailey


Ethical AI – Consciousness and The New Human Potential:

Commercial business in Ethical AI. Inventions – Blueprints – Solutions – experimented by NASA:

Pioneer and Serial Entrepreneur – Ethical AI, Universal Consciousness, and Global Innovation

🌟  Meet Matthew James Bailey: The Trailblazer at the Nexus of AI, Consciousness, and Universal Prosperity  🌟

Are you ready to journey to the cutting edge of human knowledge and technological innovation? Meet Matthew James Bailey, a pioneer, creator, author, serial entrepreneur, and a global leader in Ethical AI and Consciousness. In Feb 2024, he’s headlining at the Conscious Life Expo in LA and in part of the executive team at Contact in the Desert in June 2024. Don’t miss your chance to hear him speak!

🌌  A Visionary’s Pledge to Humanity  🌌

Matthew’s commitment to you and future generations is nothing short of revolutionary. He aims to create a better world through groundbreaking technology, ethical AI, and a deep understanding of universal consciousness. His mission? To propel humanity—and even life beyond Earth—into a future of universal prosperity.

🤖  The Luminary in Ethical AI & Universal Consciousness  🤖

Standing at the crossroads of innovative technology and systemic global change, Matthew is a luminary in Ethical Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things, and Smart Cities. Recognized by the U.S. government as a Person of Extraordinary Ability, he’s in the top 1% of minds globally. He is recognized in as a ‘Who’s Who’ in Artificial Intelligence and his research collaborations include a Visiting Scholar position with the National Institute of Aerospace and NASA in 2022.

📚  The Author Behind “Inventing World 3.0”  📚

Matthew is the visionary author of “Inventing World 3.0 – Evolutionary Ethics for Artificial Intelligence™,” a seminal work that sets the ethical groundwork for a harmonious future between AI and humanity. A second volume is already in the works, offering a practical guide for every human on our planet to navigate this new era of intelligence.

🌍  The World 3.0 Movement  🌍

In 2023, Matthew unveiled the World 3.0 global movement, a groundbreaking initiative that integrates Artificial Intelligence, Consciousness, Spirituality, and the New Human Potential™. This movement aims to foster a harmonious coexistence between AI and human consciousness, opening doors to new dimensions of creativity and universal exploration.

🌟  Advisor to the World’s Elite  🌟

Throughout his illustrious career, Matthew has advised Fortune 100 companies, prime ministers, and G7 representatives. He has engaged with iconic figures like Professor Stephen Hawking, Stephen Wozniak and John P Milton. A sought-after keynote speaker, he has been featured on platforms like BBC Radio and is part of a new series with Gaia TV.