Bio Max Wright


Max Wright

Max Wright is a successful entrepreneur, investor, economist, and dad.

As a crypto analyst/ investor, he has a really good track record for predicting the bitcoin market. He’s been an online entrepreneur since 2008, holding a number of different web properties with revenues of more than US $5 million per year.

Wright understands the subtleties of the global investing markets: stocks, precious metals, real estate, fiat currency and digital currencies…where they’ve been and where they are going. 

In 2011, Max began, which instructs customers in how to protect their assets and profits “during the coming economic collapse.” Max and other council members discuss international financial markets, banking systems, history, monetary science, political science, and self-sustainability.

Max has a book, “The Bitcoin Revolution – Ending Tyranny for Fun and Profit,” that was the top-ranked and most downloaded Bitcoin-related book on Amazon.